Sunday, June 19, 2011

Upcoming Home Projects

These are the upcoming home projects on the horizon:

1. Screen in patio and gain 200+ square feet on the back of our home.

2. Do a factory finish on my 1983 kitchen cabinets using Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations.

3. Repaint living and dining area.
Possible color pallets
4. Slip cover my 4 dining room chairs, with a pleat and bow.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My 100th Post! Bachman's Summer Idea Home Highlights 2011

Welcome to the Bachman's Idea Home for Summer 2011,
the original home of the Bachman's Family adjacent to the flagship store
on 67th and Lyndale in Richfield, Minnesota.  $5.00 to enjoy.
Open through June 19th, 2011.

Love the porch room!  The name of the paint trim is Bunny Cake by Hirshfield's.
Above the fireplace, they used placemats above the fireplace, and the woodshims mirror is fun, too.
Love the yardstick shelves, and the painted art on vintage pans.
Two stacked benches = bookshelf

Living Room-Shutter Collage on Wall

Love the dining room, especially the side table holding the wine bottles,
flowers on the wall, and rust orange "framing" the collection.

On the dining room table, the napkin rings are bracelets re-purposed.

Strawberry kitchen with vintage spools used for knobs on cupboards.

Fence/gate holding the pots and pans, vintage shopping cart for extra storage.

Little girl's room holds butterflies, and a little fence for the valance.

Master Bedroom

Love this! 

Media Room

Skateboard Themed Boy's Room

Garage Birthday Party! 
Paper plates on right wall nailed/pinned on for color,
rug on floor, and trees fill the space.

Party table includes candy trees, utensils, drinks, orange vases w/flowers.

In the shed, held a reading and writing nook.

Love the hats over the curtains, the word poem on the plates, the trunk under the desk + birdcage.

Backyard cuteness!

Terra Cotta saucers are used as chargers-table is a vintage bed

Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stencils, and my $2.00 Tray!

Stencils have really changed in the last 20 years-this is an affordable way to add some texture, style + design into your decor:

But...I searched some images on the internet, and found a pattern online for free!  and, it is my favorite shape, too.  I'm made my own stencil by printing the template, tracing it with a sharpie onto a plastic, sheer folder, and cutting it out carefully.