Friday, September 25, 2009

Scrapfest 2009

Left: American Crafts, Right: Doodle Bug

This past weekend was my first experience with Scrapfest 2009, and it was something I could have easily spent $500.00 doing, if not an easy grand on workshops, crops and supplies.

However, my friend and I bought the $15 pass to do up to 30+ Make and Takes in the busy aisles of Mall of America. It was a cross between the State Fair and sorority rush...talking to people and standing and waiting a lot.

I came away with some fun new ideas, and a new favorite blog to follow-American Crafts!

They are the maker of my favorite type of scrapbook-a 3 ring binder in 12x12!

The biggest bummer was wanting to make my own flowers, inspired by the sparkle Doodle Bug card, to find out that my Cricut's motherboard died. A $200 machine with 6 carts and the software, gone! The company said I could mail it back and they could charge me $120 for a refurbished one, but I think I was the first person to not be jumping up and down at this offer. The woman seemed shocked that I wanted to think about it and then hung up politely.

I'm going to wait until Black Friday. The small cutter usually goes on sale at half price for $99-$100, and there are bigger machines...who knows if something new might be out, too! Why pay for a refurbished one for that much when I am confident that I can aquire a new one with a little bit of patience?

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