Monday, June 28, 2010

Scrapbook Challenge, Post One!

For Christmas, I got the book, 52 Scrapbook Challenges...and I would like to try them all! Here are 4 of my starters.

#27 Add a Commercial Print Item to a Page
I love White House Black Market--the frame is from one of their catalogs.
This is the year Kelly B. was awarded the Sacred Heart Award for the Phi Mu-Zeta Sigma Chapter. ps, I designed the web page :)

#24 Use Products from a blind grab into your stash!

Decided to use some orange paper that I have been hesitant about using, then grabbed even more random papers to cut butterflies using the Hannah Montana Cartridge.

Friends on the roof of Brit's Pub for a all of the Shakespeare plays in one!

#37 Include journaling within the title.

#43 Sew on Your Page in an Innovative Way

This isn't my 'most' innovative ever, but it was my first sewing onto the page! When I was cleaning my garage, I photographed some of my treasures to keep of some middle school art projects.

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