Saturday, December 11, 2010

Easy Projects

Some of the projects I have been working on lately! Grand Finale project coming soon....

Customizable Christmas Gift Tags

This is fun-and I saw it in someone else's blog-I used my Cricut and the George Cartridge to cut some tag shapes, but you could design your own shape or trace. Then, I went to the garage to spray paint with Chalkboard Paint, let it dry, and then drew designs with chalk. The recipient could erase and use it again!

Every kitchen needs a kitty to watch over it...

Super Easy
Went to Marshall's for a $5.00 frame, and glued tiles on to customize!

Fun with Scrabble Tiles

Just a simple wooden dollar frame modge podged on, embellished with butterflies and Scrabble tiles. More ribbon and embellishments to come!

Merry Christmas from the cats :)

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Unknown said...

hey beth! i'm glad you posted! you are such a creative little bean! love the kitty watching over the kitchen - good thing he does, you wouldn't want any uninvited guests there! can't wait to get my fat self in the pool again this week! see you then!