Friday, February 18, 2011

Etching on Mirror Project with Sam

This past weekend, I brought my sorority sisters to Girl Scout camp for a weekend of sisterhood and scrapbooking. Late at night, Sam showed us her secret to making beautiful etched mirrors, using her tools of the Cricut + Gypsy, combined with vinyl and etching.

Etching is permanently on the mirror, so it is really important to only get it where you want it, and the vinyl has no bubbles for the Armor etch to sneak in.

Sam started by using her Cricut Gypsy to make the design, "Love, honor, truth," then cut it with black vinyl.

After she lined it up + made it square, she used a Popsicle stick to get the air bubbles out, then she used a foam brush to put the etching stuff over the letters. It dries quick, and you have to work quick.

Close Up of the Armour Etch-definitely a coupon item!

After we let it work its magic a couple minutes, it carefully gets wiped off...

Wiping it off...

Cleaning it up

The Sponge is Helping keep the letter edges crisp

Peeling it off to reveal the letters etched onto the mirror

...Peeling more...

Almost there!

Last chance clean up

Sam's Beautiful Mirror


PS: If you are a Phi Mu and going to be attending the 7th Annual Pink Carnation Tea, this is going to be a silent auction item! Save your $$$


Unknown said...

OMG!!! That is beautiful!!!! I need it for my Home!!!!!

Unknown said...

That's a pretty awesome mirror if I don't say so myself!!


Unknown said...

It's a beautiful project~

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