Thursday, July 15, 2010

Opening Day, Star Wars, Our Honeymoon!

Scrapbook Challenge #36: Base a Layout on a Memory

We road our bikes down the beach to the movie theater to see Star Wars!

I feel like it is easy to just have 1 photo sometimes. I was going through my photos 3-4 years after our honeymoon, and was trying to decide what to keep and throw, when I remembered why I took it--to commemorate the last Star Wars movie!! I had also kept the ticket stubs, as I love saving those.

Not wanting to purchase Darth Vader paper and wanting to stick with ocean colors, I scraplifted from BHG Scrapbooks Etc. The lacy pattern underneath is actually pink, but I flipped it to the white side for the page, and used the brackets from my Cricut Cartridge, Basic George and my stand-by white paper. I *always* have a supply of 25 sheets white cardstock, and 25 sheets black cardstock from JoAnn in my supplies.

Over 5 years later, and the force is still strong with us.

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